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Are You Attached to Suffering?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I once heard someone say that pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice. Who chooses to suffer was my automatic thought. We all do at times was the response I received. We choose to suffer when we attach ourselves to outcomes that we have no direct control over. We choose to suffer when we hold on to hurt and disappointment. We cling to suffering because we want the person who caused the hurt and disappointment to pay for and be reminded of what they did to us. We partake in suffering when we continue to show up to the dance that is reminiscent of the violation. I have learned to release the suffering and only take with me the lesson that was taught and learned. I learned to release the debt I thought was owed to me. I decided that I would no longer rise up in the same negative energy that was given to me. I decided to divorce my suffering. I decided to heal!

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